About company

Life-ORANGE is modern, dynamic growing company, which produce a great products assortment for fishing. In our assortment you can find large selection of ready rigs, feeders, tools and accessories for different kind of fishing: -carp, -method, and -feeder fishing. We produce different assortment for predator leaders..

Life-ORANGE office is located in Vilshofen on the river Danube, beautiful city with picturesque views in the east of Germany. This region rich of rivers as Danube, Ilz and Inn, also there are a lot of ponds and lakes. In this rich of reservoir country fishers tests our developments.

Nowadays the products of Life-ORANGE is knowing in a lot of European countries. Success in market is result of many years work of inspired people for fishing that fishing is not only business, but the way of life.

«Only positive emotions» is our slogan and our motto in our work. We make an effort for making our products maximal helpful for our clients. With Life-ORANGE you can enjoy of fishing.